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Shyra Leger plus Kathryne Kearns throw in tons of ridiculous faith, a bushel full of praying church family, add a sprinkle of obedient Christians and a handful of Islanders that would give the shirt off their back and low and behold ShyKatZ was born. God blesses us through resources. Resources come from people.

You reap what you sow Thank you Jesus!

We found one another in 2006 oddly enough with the exact same desires, hobbies, goals and dreams. Just a couple of short years of sharpening our skills and being lifted up by our family and friends to follow our dream we found ourselves here on this small beautiful island with a huge passion. Simply, a desire to feed people and the need to lift up those less fortunate. 
It was a hand engraved flask found in an old junk store purchased by a family member that made us realize that there were folks that felt like they did not matter to anyone, anywhere. That could not be further from the truth. Money was necessary but most definitely not a priority and most certainly not ever our motivation. You can do most anything to make money. But

it takes loads of love to feed people good down home cooking day in and day out.

And that, we have!

Our knowledge of the industry was very limited. Although in abundance did we have the blessing of cooking ordinary food extraordinarily well.

With this love, faith and a solid relationship with our Savior topped off with an amazing one of a kind staff, top notch product, the freshest ingredients around and last but far from not least our community, our extended family and friends, Equals a winning combination. We opened May 26, 2010 quietly in the small San Jacinto Conservation District. A tiny neighborhood housing lovely folks with humongous hearts. ShyKatZ has been blessed with a following reaching far and wide.

We cannot fail when putting God first! As rain falls from the sky with the promise to water the trees. His word goes forth with the promise to bless all those who come into covenant with him.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Accomplishments: (all Glory be to God)
  • 2011 Readers Choice “Best of” Deli
  • Reviewed by Texas Monthly several times and listed in their preferred “Filtered Dining Guide”
  • 2011 Galveston Chamber of commerce small business of the year
  • 2012 Readers Choice “Best of” Deli
Shy and I both will tell you this is the easiest hard job we have ever had. We wake each day with words from our “play book” that “this is the day the Lord hath made, be glad and rejoice in it”

We simply prepare food each day as though we are having family over for a family meal. How great is that?
Not every day is easy…but our burden is light when we cast our cares upon Him. The price has been paid. The battle has been won!

In the end… it was never in between you and them. It is in between you and God. That’s so comforting. The best news is... God is alive and on the throne!!


Our first date….
Craig and Mark came to our apartment which was over the space where there was to “someday” house a café/diner type atmosphere. It wasn’t until these two guys came in with their bag of goodies (folders filled with product information). So neatly nicely presented to the two of us. Which I would probably describe a “deer in the headlight looking”. We had been given the idea of Boars Head by a friend that in years past had a sub/pizza shop in St Louis Mo. Telling us there was no comparison. You must use Boars Head…they are THE BEST! Well knowing from personal experience our occasional turkey, ham or cheese from Kroger was of course “the Best”

They broke the seal on our brand new world. We did not have a fixed menu prior to meeting these two guys, but with their help, the support of Boars Head and the shear grace of God did we end up with what we have at Avenue L on a little island called Galveston near Texas. ALL of the sources together created the winning menu off that simple list of amazing products. You see we never really had considered that “sandwich meat would play such an intricate roll because of course we didn’t know that “we” were going to open a deli. We had no clue what we were going to do exactly or how we were going to do it. Just that IT was going to be done! Ridiculous faith!

From the first moments there on that day to the most recent visit today have we ever seen or felt ANYTHING …less than...THE BEST! In service, support or the frequent rescue missions. You name it! ~

Not even the 2:00 am “please bring corned beef tomorrow” text to Saturday morning we are out of bacon. (Around here that’s an emergency)

You can rest assured you will get product some way somehow.

C&L Deli provisions owner Craig Furr and our very own Boars Head Guru Mark Karns obviously attended the same old school as our Grandmothers famous line. Which is “if there is a will, there is a way”

The support we receive from Mark is much more than that of a “sales rep” I feel ashamed to refer to him as such. His friendship goes much deeper than that. The love and support we have received from our relationship beginning 3 years ago has touched us through many layers of our life. Upon receiving 2011 Small Business of the year by Galveston Chamber we were accompanied by Mark Karns and his lovely wife Diana. (Also our new family) I cannot begin to list the numerous occasions (I use that word loosely) Mark and/or Craig has had to put on the cape and rescue us because we forgot something, last minute event or idea (sorry Mark), ran short etc.

Anything other than excellence is unacceptable to this group.

Customer service is #1 only secondary to excellent product.

With pride and dignity every day we turn our sign to OPEN knowing we serve excellence in large portion. And Boars Head can rest assured C& L Deli Provisions serves it up the exact same way.

We display the Boars Head brand/ signage just as proudly as we do ShyKatZ name and all under the blessing of the words of God on the walls of the deli. Every jot every title the truth or it’s all a lie.

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

May God richly bless you and yours in all the paths of your life.

We proudly call ourselves “A Boars Head Deli”

Kat and Shy
ShyKatZ deli & bakery
16th @ Ave. L
Galveston Island
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